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Bringing together the power, durability, and aesthetics of metal, we are the key to transformation in the future of construction, automotive, energy, and many more industries. With you, in a world where every project requires a unique touch, we are ready to explore the limitless potential of iron, steel, and metals. As leaders of an innovative and experienced team mastered in the art of metal, we take pride in offering you bespoke solutions. Step into the enchanting world of metal and elevate your business to perfection.

The Power of Metal
Our Expertise

We’re Here to Harness the Infinite Potential of Metal! Here’s the Power of Metal, Here’s Our Expertise.

We Bring Together the Power, Durability, and Aesthetics of Metal, Shaping Every Detail with Care.

Quality Spread Across Continents...

Transcend the Boundaries of Quality in Metal Art with Boutique Touches...

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Quality Certification

Tor Industry proudly holds over 20 quality certifications, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and adherence to stringent industry standards.

Experienced Employee

Tor Industry employs a team of 400 experienced professionals, whose expertise and dedication drive the company’s success in delivering top-notch solutions.

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Tor Industry operates successfully in 15+ countries, showcasing its extensive global presence and influential role in diverse markets.

Different Product

Tor Industry offers a diverse range of over 2000 different products, meeting varied needs across multiple industries with quality and innovation.

About Us

Tor Industry: A Passion Story in Metal Art

TOR Industry was founded in 2000 in Izmir. In 2010, our company became a Joint Stock Company and relocated to a modern facility covering 16,000 m² in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) due to the increase in production capacity. In this facility, we continue to provide high-standard solutions to national and global customers in major sectors such as the energy industry, high-speed rail systems, white goods, and construction machinery.

Custom Project and Special Part Manufacturing

At TOR Industry, our mission is to be an unparalleled partner to our customers by providing high-quality solutions in metal art. As a sector leader both nationally and internationally, we meticulously shape every metal to exceed our customers' expectations.

Product Manufacturing

Our vision is to become a recognized and preferred brand in metal processing worldwide. Through innovation and continuous improvement, we aim to position TOR Industry as a global player that shapes the industry.

High Technology and Innovation

We continuously merge innovation and quality in metal art to provide our customers with the most superior solutions.

Human-Centered and Sustainable Production

At TOR Industry, we are at the forefront of continuous improvement in metal art. With our commitment to our work and our experience blended with advanced technology, we always strive to provide our customers with the best service.

Quality and Standardization

We are recognized as an innovative leader in metal art. With our years of experience, high-quality standards, and environmentally friendly practices, we consistently maintain a leading position in the industry.

Metal Processing Expertise

Our Production

With our expertise in metal processing, we provide customized solutions to our customers. Whether it’s thin or thick metal, we meticulously process and shape all kinds of materials. We perform various processes such as welding, assembly, surface coating, and more, all to the highest quality standards. We’re here to help you harness the power of metal to its fullest extent.


We Shape the Power of Metal with Sustainability

Sustainable living is also a significant focal point in the iron-steel-metal sector. This sector is developing environmentally friendly and economically sustainable production processes by embracing sustainability principles and practices.

Creative Solutions in the World of Metal

The iron-steel-metal sector continues its commitment to leaving a cleaner and more sustainable world for future generations by adhering to sustainability principles.

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Explore current and interesting content on industry trends, technological advancements, sustainability topics, and more. With our expertise in the iron, steel, and metal sector, we’re here to inform you.