About Us


About Us

TOR Industry, which continues its activities to serve global group companies in a total area of ​​approximately 16 thousand square meters in its new campus in Manisa OSB in 2000, continues its growth and development in the national and international business world.

TOR Industry, which structures its talent and capacity to meet global customer expectations, especially in the world’s rising trend sectors such as rail systems, energy and defense industries, has the HR Management System that prioritizes the happiness of its stakeholders and personal, social, managerial and technical development, and again with each passing day, It has taken its place among the important values ​​of the region and our country with its understanding and culture that has adopted the business philosophy that brings the latest technology to its activities.

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Our Vision

At TOR Industry, we envision ourselves as a global leader in providing innovative solutions within the sectors of rail systems, energy, and defense industries. Guided by a commitment to excellence and fueled by our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our clients, we strive to transcend boundaries, set new standards, and drive positive change in the international business landscape.

Our Mission

Our mission at TOR Industry is to leverage our extensive talent, resources, and cutting-edge technologies to consistently deliver superior value to our clients while fostering sustainable growth and development. Through our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and community engagement, we aim to forge enduring partnerships, enhance global competitiveness, and contribute to the prosperity of both our region and our nation.