Our Assembly Services

TOR Industry offers customized assembly services for various sectors. Our high-tech production lines assemble many products such as high-speed train air conditioning units, electrical panels, brake systems, oil tanks and chassis.

Our Assembly Techniques and Equipment

Quality Assembly: Our assembly processes include riveted and bolted assembly techniques. These techniques ensure reliable and durable assembly of products.

Advanced Equipment: Our assembly lines are equipped with high-quality equipment such as pneumatic assembly tools, torque meters and rivet machines. These tools help run our assembly processes efficiently and effectively.

Our Quality Control Processes

Three-Stage Control: Each assembly process goes through a three-stage quality control process: input control, process control and final control. These processes ensure that our products remain at high standards.

Our Quality and Efficiency Strategies

Workload and Priority: During assembly operations, workload and priority order between stations are carefully managed. This strategy contributes to optimizing workflow and increasing production efficiency.

Machines and Methods

Productivity Increase: Methods such as assembly instructions, visual animations and control jigs are used to increase the efficiency of our assembly line.

Quality Control and Testing Procedures

Comprehensive Testing: Our assembly process includes comprehensive quality control and testing, such as compliance with technical drawings and assembly instructions, torque control, tightness control and pressure tests.

Special Projects and Customer Requests

Customer-Focused Solutions: Special assembly projects and customer requests are meticulously managed with detailed workflow and assembly instructions. We produce special solutions for each customer’s needs.

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