At TOR Industry, we provide professional insulation services using advanced materials and techniques to enhance environmental sustainability and energy eg to surfaces using materials such as Aeuroflex, Clfficiency.

Materials and Techniques Used

We achieve insulation by adherinemaver, Basotec, Kaiflex, Cellofoam, and Resepson. These materials provide effective insulation against heat, sound, and other environmental factors.

Products Covered

Our insulation service is provided for various products including TGV, LNVG DD, LNVG SD, DSP, ATLANTIS, ARTEMIS, OPTIMUS, METRAPOL, PARLA, LEON, SALOON, ET CANAL (Rail Systems Ventilation Units and Power Units Isolation).

Environmental and Energy Efficiency Impacts

Insulation plays a crucial role in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions by preventing unnecessary energy transfer to the environment through heat and sound insulation.

Effects on Performance and Durability

By isolating temperature differences, insulation enhances material strength and extends the longevity of products, ensuring better performance over time.

Fire, Temperature, and Sound Insulation Properties

Our insulation materials provide excellent fire resistance, temperature regulation, and soundproofing capabilities, contributing positively to safety and comfort.

Technologies and Application Methods

We utilize advanced bonding technologies to ensure long-lasting and high-performance adhesion to surfaces, enhancing the effectiveness of insulation.

Management of Projects with Special Requirements

For insulation projects with special environmental or safety requirements, we employ bonding techniques with DIN 6701 certification to ensure compliance and quality.

Available Machines

We use hand tools such as glue guns and rivet guns for specific applications, along with environmental conditioners to optimize working conditions and ensure quality results.

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