Our Machining Services

As TOR Industry, we are the leading provider of expertise and precision in machining. We offer special solutions to our customers by processing various materials in our modern facilities designed to meet industrial needs.

Our Technical Capabilities

Our techniques include drilling, turning, milling and grinding, ensuring high quality results on a wide range of products. We apply our work to a wide range of materials, from stainless steel to aluminum, carbon steel to profiles and pipes.

Our Quality Standards

Our production process is carried out in accordance with ISO 2768 and great attention is paid to specific geometric and positional tolerances, ensuring that each workpiece meets the highest quality standards.

Our Quality Control Processes

In our machining operations, we apply a strict control process to ensure quality at every stage of production. This process consists of entry, process and final control stages and is meticulously implemented for continuous excellence.

Modern Equipment and Technologies

Our production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as CNC boring machines, CNC vertical machining centers, lathes, column drills and tapping machines. These advanced tools provide the flexibility and accuracy to meet any machining need.

Special Equipment and Innovations

Each project is supported by CAM programming on CNC machines, specially designed tools and vices. Thanks to these special equipment and techniques, we can produce complex and precise parts to high standards.

Efficiency and Sustainability

In our production process, we use layout plans, appropriate chip allowances and simulations to minimize material waste. These approaches both increase cost effectiveness and reduce environmental impact.

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