Tor Industry specialize in manufacturing a variety of products for high-speed and light rail transit systems using aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel materials.


Tor Industry works to meet modern energy needs by offering various services in the energy sector. Specializing in infrastructure projects for solar energy, wind energy, and other renewable energy sources, the company addresses the demands of the sector. Moreover, it meets industry requirements by providing high-quality equipment and solutions for energy transmission and distribution systems.


In the defense sector, Tor Industry provides innovative and reliable solutions. It develops high-tech products and defense systems specifically designed to meet the demands of the defense industry. Additionally, it operates in various products of the defense sector.


Tor Industry offers specially designed carrier chassis and concrete pump structural weldment equipment’s for companies operating in the construction sector. The company has a wide portfolio and completes projects with high-quality materials and craftsmanship to meet the expectations of its customers. Additionally, the company emphasizes sustainable environmental practices.