Painting Techniques

At TOR Industry, our painting department consists of two sections: wet painting and powder coating.

In the wet painting section, both water-based and solvent-based paint applications are carried out, while in the powder coating section, electrostatic powder coating applications are performed.

Quality and Durability Standards in Painting

Paint applications are carried out according to paint technical data sheets. All necessary mechanical tests for durability can be conducted in-house.

Types of Machines Available

In the powder coating facility, a monorail system is used for manual painting processes. In the wet painting section, there is a dry-filtered booth available.

Sizes and Types of Parts that Can be Painted

During the project initiation phase, the hanging method for products is determined. Parts made of carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel can be painted in our facilities.

Environmentally Friendly Paints and Solvents

Water-based paints are used in our wet painting section, making them environmentally friendly as solvents are not used.

Ensuring Color Consistency and Durability in Painting

We utilize a thermograph measurement device to control the curing degrees of the paint. Additionally, we use a Color Measurement Spectrophotometer Device for color control. Mechanical tests such as Cross-cut Test, Falling Weight Impact Test, and Conical Bend Test are performed to ensure paint durability.

Meeting Special Painting Requests

During the project initiation phase, our competent team evaluates requests for special painting requirements, such as high-temperature or abrasion resistance. Appropriate actions are then determined to fulfill these requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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