Our Passivation Services

At TOR Industry, we offer professional passivation services to ensure long life and quality of chrome materials. Passivation process is a surface treatment applied to restore the stainless feature, especially in the affected areas after cutting and welding.

Application Areas and Materials

Passivation is used effectively in materials containing chromium. This process restores the stainless properties of the materials, preventing oxidation and thus significantly extending the life of the parts.

Passivation Process and Techniques

Our passivation processes involve cleaning materials using neutralization fluid, purified water and phosphoric acid. This process is carried out using immersion pool, spraying and electropolish techniques, ensuring complete and effective treatment of all types of material surfaces.

Machinery and Equipment

Our passivation process is supported by a modern and effective machinery designed especially for electropolish. This allows us to achieve consistent, high-quality results with every operation.

Environmental Awareness

In order to minimize environmental impact, all our chemical wastes are managed in accordance with occupational health and safety rules. Our waste procedures aim to reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainable business practices.

Quality and Reliability

We ensure quality and consistency in our passivation process by performing various tests and inspections, including pH value measurement and visual inspection (VT). Thanks to these inspections, we guarantee to provide our customers with the highest standards of passivation service.

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