Our Welding Services

As TOR Industry, we offer solutions that exceed industry standards with our deep knowledge and experience in metal processing and problems. In our modern facilities, we provide high quality welding services for various sectors.

Our Welding Techniques

Technical Expertise: TOR Industry has a wide technical range focused on various resources. Our expert team has extensive experience in MIG, MAG, TIG and SPOT welding technologies. By determining the most appropriate resource group for the specific project, it manages to provide perfect combinations and results.

Our technology

Innovative Equipment: State-of-the-art equipment options in our processes, such as MIG/MAG Pulse Synergic Welding Machines and TIG AC/DC Type Welding Machines. We also work with high quality methods such as Sg3, Sg2, and various stainless welding wires. This equipment and features ensure that it is a resource consummate and of high standards.

Quality and Standards

Our certifications: As TOR Industry, we prioritize quality. We are certified in accordance with internationally accepted standards such as EN 15085 and EN 3834, and we offer the requirements of these standards in all our business options.

Our Quality Control Processes: Each welding process goes through a strict quality control process, including input control, process control and final control. These processes are supported by resource WPS and PQRs, thus ensuring quality and quality in the project.

Precision and Tolerances

Attention to Detail: In our processes, we follow industry standards such as ISO 2768 and EN 15085 welding tolerances. This means exceptionally high accuracy and packaging in our projects.

Custom Solutions and Innovation

Special Projects: The parts of each part are different and we, as TOR Industry, respond to these needs by preparing project-specific WPS and PQR. We also design and manufacture project-specific fixtures and apparatus to increase the amount of resources.

Material Expertise

Diversity: We are capable of welding a variety of options including aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel. We achieve excellent results by using appropriate welding techniques and materials for each material type.

Presli İmalat

Müşteri ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda farklı güçlerde, teknolojilerde eksantrik ve hidrolik preslerle hizmet vermekteyiz. (80-200 ton)

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